Monday, November 30, 2009


Just a quick one tonight before last night's lack of sleep completely overtakes me and I fall asleep where I sit.

Today marks the end of Nanowrimo 2009. Did I win? Nope. Did I come close? Ha! Not even. My final word count is less than 2,000. I hit a massive wall right from the outset and chose to let it rule me. I'm disappointed in myself. Not that I didn't "win" but that I let my anxiety and frustration and unwillingness to fight the block consume me and keep me from telling a story I think has potential to be a great one. My preconceived notions of title and characters and plot never meshed and instead of changing one or the other, I kept trying to force everything into a neat package.

So another Nanowrimo is over and with it, another unfulfilled idea. The good thing about challenges, however, is that they can happen at any time. With that in mind, I'm going to take December to rework my Nano idea into something I feel comfortable with and I'm going to move forward and- hopefully- keep in mind the lessons I learned in November. My challenge to myself is to write every day. Every. Damn. Day. Even if what I end up writing are throwaway words, I will write. No more excuses, really. I'm all out of them; it's time I just write.


Sheila said...

Ya know, NaNo isn't for everyone. Some people (including me, apparently) thrive under the pressure, but I can see as how the same things that spur me on could turn into a series of great big hurdles for someone else. (And I was always really bad at hurdles in PE. Knocked over every single one of them.)

The secret is to find what works for you and go with it.

So ... have you been writing every damn day? Should I nudge you when you haven't?