Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Yikes! So sorry for the absence but sometimes RL just gets in the way.

So I've been thinking about preconceptions this week. This summer in Denver will be the RomCon, a convention for romance writers and their fans. One of the features is a published author contest. Anyone could sign up to judge it. You picked which categories you were interested in and they'd send you 2-4 books to read.

I received my books this week. I listed Paranormal and Romantic Suspense as the categories I was interested in. I received two of each. Three of the authors I've read previously. Unfortunately, in the past I have not been a fan of any of the authors' work.

One author, I'll cut some slack because the only other book of hers that I have read was her first novel. And I never completely judge an author by that first shot out of the gate. Last night I started to read the books and picked up hers as the first one. I wish I could say that I see that she's grown as an author or that I'm just blown away by the book. But I can't.

But I wonder if the book is really the way I'm seeing it or because I have that preconceived notion of the author in my head. Perhaps someone else would read it and think it was awesome (a possibility with any book). I'm trying to keep an open mind as I continue on in the book, but dang, sometimes it's hard.


Colleen M. said...

It's frustrating when the reverse happens too - when you've read someone's work and it's just awesome so you just automatically buy them again and are really disappointed -

Sheila said...

Wait, you're gonna be in Denver this summer and you didn't tell me?!?

Samantha said...

Nope, we won't be in Denver. Believe me, if we were going to be there, you would have been the first person we told! But anyone who wanted to could sign up to judge the contest.

Sheila said...

Aw, darn! I was hoping for a party... ;)