Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bad guys, bad guys everywhere

A couple weeks back, I talked about how I was struggling with which opening for my WIP. Well, I settled that one. I went with the opening that dropped my MC into the mystery of the story. I added a wrinkle to the opening in that she also has to interact with someone that causes her quite a bit of conflict. As I was writing (or should I say rewriting because I somehow lost a couple pages from the other night), I added in a couple lines about another person in the room.

This person wasn't anyone of any significance at this point in the story, just someone on the fringes of the scene. Immediately, this person sprang to life in my head. I knew what he looked like, how he acted, and what his true motivations were. Three seconds ago he didn't even have a name, now he has dreams of world domination.

Uh oh. He wasn't supposed to be my villain. I had my villain all laid out. I loved my villain (is that bad to say?). And his revelation was going to be devastating to the MC. But now there's bad guy #2 standing there yelling at me that he's equally evil and could have come up with the same evil plot if only I had thought of him first.

Well, damn! Now I have two possible villains to play with. I already know that my original villain is still my villain, but now he has a cohort to assist if necessary.


Colleen M. said...

I like the idea for this that you had told me about having the two villains - or maybe the guy that you know so much about now could be a villian in another book?

Sheila said...

Why not have two villains? Much easier to deal with than having two love interests! Unless the villain is supposed to turn into a love interest?

Assertive characters can be fun, but a real pain, especially when you weren't planning on them being quite so assertive. (*ahem* MrFletcher *ahem*)