Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Editing and reworking

Last year, I wrote a SFR novella and submitted it to a publisher. This particular publisher had a call out for space opera novellas for an anthology. Mine was rejected. Fast forward to now, almost a year since I finished. I haven't really looked at it since then. I've been busy working on other projects. But the other day I decided I wanted to pull it out and do some revamping on it.

I still love the story and my two main characters. But I've been thinking that the non-romance subplot (colonialism, racism, classism) might have been too much for a 25,000 word piece. The experiences and attitudes of the main characters will still be colored by those issues. But the focus will be much more on these two ex-lovers coming back together (and if they join forces to help the little guy, then all the better).


Sheila said...

So when do we all get to read it? :)