Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Prompt time again

As you'll remember, a couple months ago, we threw out a prompt for the Melt-Ink Potters to take a crack at. We've decided to do that again this week. Our prompt this time is - The locked door fascinated and puzzled her.

Here is my response to the prompt:

The locked door fascinated and puzzled her. Tara could sit for hours staring at it. She would sit cross-legged in the hall watching the door. She was confident the door was watching her back. The door was just as alive as the rest of the house. To believe the house was a living thing was crazy, her older brother Billy had told her a hundred times. She knew otherwise. Tara had seen and heard too much. Pictures moved, rooms increased in size, doors only allowed particular people to enter; if the house wasn't alive, then she was simply going crazy. No one ever opened this door. Uncle George couldn't even tell her what lay behind the door. He couldn't recall ever having been in the room. It didn't seem to bother him much and he brushed off her questions with a quick dismissal. There are somethings and places that we are better off not knowing, he had told her one night at dinner.


Andrea said...

Now I want to know what's behind the door. :)

Sheila said...

Me, too! I'm dying to know. And what's the story behind the rest of the house, and why isn't Uncle George the least bit curious...?