Monday, September 14, 2009

For Starters

Welcome to the Melt-Ink Pot! We’re a diverse group of writers coming together to discuss anything and everything from favorite authors to writing meltdowns to what turns us off in a story to where we find inspiration. You name it, one of us will probably write about it. Science fiction, mystery, fantasy, horror, romance (all kinds), suspense, erotica and contemporary fiction: we’ve got it covered and we’re looking forward to sharing our perspectives with you.

So! Let’s get started, shall we? I’ll try to keep this from sounding too much like a personal ad, but no promises. I’m Andrea. I’m a former Seattleite who now lives in the gorgeous state of Maine with her husband, a native Mainah. The rocky coasts, Downeast accents, fall colors, local microbrews, plentiful lobster and ice cream shacks every 50 feet make up (mostly) for the nasty winters. When I’m not reading, I am gamely knitting and cleaning up the copious amounts of cat hair around my house. I was born in 1972. I am left-handed. And as far as that saying “I’m not deaf, I’m ignoring you” goes? I really am deaf (in my right ear), but I probably don’t pay as much attention as I should.

I read a lot. Stephen King, Shirley Jackson, Minette Walters, John Connolly, Harlan Ellison, Ray Bradbury, Peter Straub, Alison G. Taylor, John Harvey, Tad Williams, Josephine Tey and Caroline Graham, Roald Dahl and Ramsey Campbell are some of my favorite authors. There are more, of course, there are always more. As soon as I post this, I’ll think of ten more that I should have added to the list.

I also write, mostly in the mystery/suspense genre. Nothing you’ve ever read- I’m not published anywhere but in my own mind. Do I want to be? Of course! However, I need to focus on finishing the stories I start (a minor issue) and I need to find my true writing voice (a major one). Finding a greater confidence in my story-telling comes before everything. I am the kind of person who will obsess over three lines for an hour versus just writing whatever comes out and dealing with the results later. All of these are topics I plan on addressing in future posts (as well as my someday goal to run into Stephen King, or at least drive by his house).

This is the start of a great new adventure for all of us. I’m excited to see what my co-conspirators come up and I am eager to learn more about genres I am not as familiar with. Thanks for coming along on the journey with us!