Monday, October 12, 2009

Here and There

Isn't the view from these windows fantastic? Even when the branches are bare, I still love to look out and dream about being up in a tree house. This is the room I want to tranform into our writers' room. I say our and not my because I will be sharing the space with my husband. He's the one who is actually making money off of his writing these days so I will play nice and not lock him out.

Right now we're using the room as a temporary guest room while we redo the other bedroom. It's not large, but there is plenty of space for more bookshelves, a long table (to go under the windows) and some comfy chairs. The blinds will be replaced by something softer, either Roman blinds or sheer panels. Or maybe nothing at all? The walls will be painted a soft color and I already know what prints I want on the wall.

The landing...I love how the room is tucked away by itself. Really, I don't think there could be a better spot in my home in which to work.

My hope is that by thinking about how I want this room to look and function, I will start taking myself seriously as a writer, as someone who is good with words and who deserves a dedicated space to create and grow. I know good writing can and does happen everywhere, from a crowded train to a small coffee shop, but I also know that I need a hidey hole in which to find my voice.
In other news, I am still brainstorming ideas for Nanowrimo and am not coming up with much other than the genre, which I will reveal in a future post (hey, gotta get you to come back here somehow). Despite not having a plot just yet, I am looking forward to Nano more this year than possibly every other year other than my first. I might end up something so atrocious with which I wouldn't let line the litter box with, but no matter, I am going to have a lot fun with it.
How are the rest of you coming along with your Nano plotting? Are you going to share your ideas or keep them close to your chests until November?


Katie said...

I love the situation of your room you're transforming - and the view is incredible! This inspires me to think about how I'd like my office space set up, so I'll be more comfortable writing in it. (This room's actually going to be mine, since hubby has his own space upstairs.)

Sheila said...

I'm so jealous. There really isn't anything at all like that in our house. Thanks to the jungle surrounding the house, we don't even have much of a view.

I'd suggest some kind of curtains on the windows, though -- sometimes it's nice to close out the night!

Samantha said...

What a wonderful room. I can't wait to redo our guest room so that I have a better space to write in.

Andrea said...

Thanks, ladies. Here's hoping I forget I'm a procrastinator and get working on that room soon.