Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Plot-less in Seattle

Sorry folks, a day late here with my post. I went to post last night and had some technical difficulties getting into the blog. And with all honesty, I was just too dang tired to try and sort them out last night.

Nanowrimo is fast approaching - November 1st - Sunday - EEEK!

I am completely plot-less at this point. I have a couple sketchy ideas but nothing concrete. I have decided that I'm putting my space opera on hold for the time being. There is a class in January I want to take that will directly relate to it and I think it'll be a better story afterward. I have an idea for a contemporary. Correction, I have characters for a contemporary. I know these two characters better than anyone else I've ever written (probably because I've been writing them in a different context for the last ten years). Put I have no idea of each character's GMC.

And then there's a couple other ideas that have popped in recently - one sci-fi and the other, well I don't know what it would be, maybe urban fantasy or just plain fantasy. But those would each take some considerable planning before embarking on them.

Or do I pull out something that I've attempted before. I've got 20,000 words of an erotic sci-fi vampire novel sitting around. A whole lot of editing and an additional 50,000 words could make it work.

But for now, I sit here still plot-less.


Andrea said...

If it's the vampire novel I'm thinking of, you should definitely pick that back up.

Sheila said...

Wow. I can't imagine being plot-less. I always seem to have so many, and more bubble to the surface all the time.

But an erotic sci-fi vampire novel could be fun. I vote for that one!

Samantha said...

Perhaps I shouldn't have said I'm plot-less. I have tons of plot ideas sitting around, too many to count in fact. But none of them are screaming "write me" right now.