Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Prompt that wasn'

Well, you know what they say, right? Don't Wait: Postpone Now. That seems to be my MO lately. Lately, ha! I mean my MO in general. Baby steps, though...yes? Here is my response to Samantha's prompt of last week: Late into the night, the snow fell and fell.


My parents are dead, I say to anyone who asks. No, I have no siblings…my brother died with them. Shock usually keeps them from pressing for more details, but I just mutter the words “stuck on the train tracks, no time to get out” and that tends to shut even the nosier ones up.

After a while, no one asks anything else. I’m okay with that. After many tellings, the lie becomes its own truth and I start to believe it myself. I have to: the truth is worse than any story I can come up with and no one, least of all me, wants to hear the real tale. It’s only in my nightmares that I can’t lie, can’t forget about the night the snow fell and fell and the monsters that came with it.


The thing I love about these prompts and the little bits of inspired writing that come of them is that I let myself write without restraint and without wondering what I’m doing. I just let the words present themselves, even if they don’t make much sense. In my snippet above, even I don’t know what the real story is but now the wheels are turning in my head and I’m curious to see if there is anything more I can make of this. Maybe there isn’t anything else, but now my creative juices are flowing a little more; maybe I can take this exercise and go back to my current novel in progress and make some headway.


Samantha said...

I love this. I'm dying to know what the real story is behind the parents' death. I hope I'll be seeing more... *hint hint*

Sheila said...

Wow, I'm really intrigued by that snippet! I want to know all about the "monsters!"