Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Response to prompt

Here is my response to the prompt:

Late into the night, the snow fell and fell. The main room of the inn was filled with travelers trapped by the early snow. All the rooms were full but the inn keeper was allowing the overflow to sleep on main floor. Tarn and Alia had arrived too late for a room but managed to capture places on the floor near the large fireplace. Alia cupped her hands around the bowl of stew hoping the heat from the bowl would dry her gloves. It would be much simpler to take them off and lay them by the fire. However, she couldn't risk anyone seeing her hands. Most of the mountain peoples had strange superstitions about mages and even more so about anyone that could wield death magic.

Now this was just a rough draft idea so there's not a lot of detail in it. On a second run through I would have included more details of the room, the other people inside, etc. And since my writing lately tends to run toward either Fantasy or Sci-Fi, that was the way I went. The characters are from an idea I've been playing with off and on in little snippets. Alia is a mage who can wield death magic and is feared for it. Tarn is a healer who has sort of attached himself to her.


Sheila said...

I'm late with my comments because I deliberately didn't want to read anyone else's response before I posted mine.

Nice intro! Okay, so I'm intrigued. What is it about her hands that would give her away?

I'm also amused that you went toward fantasy and I went with romance...

Samantha said...

Mine eventually would have some romance (if Alia doesn't drive Tarn away) ;)

The bit about the hands -- Alia can wield death magic, but when she does it causes black streaks to emerge at her fingers and travel up her arms. So that it would look like black tree limb-like tattoos up her arms. Once they're there, they don't go away.

Andrea said...

I love the idea of permanent tattoos. Very cool.