Tuesday, September 21, 2010


A few brainstorming methods:

1 - Write an autobiography of your main characters. New insights for your characters just might pop out at you.

2 - Make a collage for your book. I love doing this one.

3 - Brainstorm with someone else - another author, a non-writer, the bus driver...

4 - Create a soundtrack for your book.

5 - Analyze a favorite book or movie that is in the same genre as your book to see what worked for you and what didn't.

And be sure that when you're brainstorming that you have a way to jot down your thoughts - index cards, text yourself, send an email - you don't want to lose those ideas!


Sheila said...

And don't forget the ever-popular "interview your character"!

These are all great ideas. I'm working on a "power writing" playlist right now, but it would be easy enough to create soundtracks specific to each story.

I've never made a collage for any of my stories. The closest I've come is to collect occasional stray pictures of people who remind me of my characters. It sounds like fun, though.